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Checkout the MOTHERLOAD video
8 heaping pounds of our Mojo sloppy Joe,
served on a 16 inch super duper Kaiser roll,
topped with 1 pound of melted Cheddar and ¼ pound of diced onions.
This challenge must be completed within 30 minutes between 2 people,
each using only one utensil of their choice (spoon, fork, or knife).
Comes with your choice of a 24 oz. beverage.
Come EXTRA hungry!
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A belly busting 151 ounces of milkshake in the flavor of your choice
(strawberry, chocolate, vanilla).  Served in 2 portions: a huge glass of
150 ounces chased with a 1 ounce shot glass.  Both will be topped with
whipped cream.  Using either a spoon or a straw,
you must consume the entire portion within 20 minutes.
Good to the last drop!
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Death Wish

Checkout the Death Wish video
6 Buffalo style wings marinated in our spicy hot sauce,
mixed with super hot red chipotle chilies, and finished off with our
Hellraiser Habanero Ghost Chili extract.
(Ghost Chilies are down in the Guinness Book of World Records for being
the hottest peppers in the world.)
Our double whammy:
not only do you have to eat this in 10 minutes using no utensils and no napkins,
you also cannot have anything to drink until 10 minutes after you have consumed the last wing.
Burn baby burn!
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